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Happy New Year to Everyone!

Seattle Out and Proud announces the 2008 theme!

Out for Change

Thanks to those who submitted theme ideas! Now everyone get ready for an exciting Seattle Pride 2008. Use the theme to help you design your float or entry. In 2008 we will have bigger and better prizes for the best and most creative floats/entrants. We look forward to seeing what you come up with.


Quarterly Community Meeting

A chance to voice your opinion!
The deadline for question submission is January 15th 2008

Our community meetings are a place where you can voice your opinions and find out what's going on with us. We want to hear your suggestions, so that Seattle Pride™ is what everyone wants it to be!

Kaladi Brothers Coffee Company, 511 E Pike St. in Seattle

Time: Sunday, January 20, 2008, 5:00 to 7:00 pm
More Information: To submit meeting topics or questions, email us

2008 Sponsorship Opportunities
The ultimate target market! 

The total buying power of the U.S. gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) adult population totaling over 8.8 million people was $641 billion in 2006. The Seattle Times (Thursday, November 16, 2006) reported that 12.9% of all Seattle residents are gay or bisexual, second only to San Francisco.

For more information about pride sponsorship opportunities, please contact Cindy Baccetti! email or 425.221.3374.

2008 Parade Applications

Available February 15th

Parade applications will again be taken online only this year. Registration will be open by February 15th. All previous participants will be notified when applications are available.

2008 Grand Marshal Nominations

Submit Your Suggestions
The deadline for submission is April 1st 2008

Grand Marshal positions are among the highest honor bestowed by Seattle’s LGBT community. Nominees are selected based on their commitment and contributions to the community.

There are four Grand Marshal Positions available –one male and one female; an Honorary Grand Marshal; and an Honorary Grand Marshal - Organization.

The Male Grand Marshal title is awarded to a self-identified gay, bisexual or transgender man and the Female Grand Marshal title is awarded to a self-identified lesbian, bisexual or transgender woman. Both must be residents of King or surrounding counties. The position of Honorary Grand Marshal is awarded to a self-identified heterosexual, non-transgender man or woman who has shown outstanding dedication to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender causes or to the LGBT community. There is no residency restriction. The Honorary Grand Marshal - Organization may be any organization that has significantly contributed to the positive image or outlook of and has supported the Seattle gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

To nominate an individual or organization, please email us and tell us in 300 words or less, why this nominee should be chosen as a 2008 Seattle Pride Parade Grand Marshal. Include the nominee’s activities and accomplishments.

Ever Thought About Getting Involved?
Seattle Out and Proud is actively seeking board members and Parade Coordinator

We are growing fast and we need your expertise, skills and experience. Do you think you have what it takes? Perhaps you want to help make a difference, or just be a part of a great organization that puts on THE biggest pride parade in the Northwest. We are looking for ambitious members of our community who are willing to commit themselves while we grow and set Seattle as a world class Pride Parade. We especially encourage women, people of color, and transgender people to get involved. Candidates must be willing to commit to a two year term and a give a minimum of five to ten hours per week through Pride. Must have the ability to attend regular board meetings and other Pride events. For more info and suggested qualifications, please email us!

Buddy G
My Two Moms and Me
Official Website

Buddy GWhen we found out we were finally expecting a little bundle of joy we couldn’t have been more excited. We bought the little thinga-magiggy that lets you hear the baby’s movements and a microphone we could place on my tummy to talk to the little cherub. We read him Shakespeare and poetry and Dr. Seuss. I stopped drinking caffeine and having chocolate and did all of the other over the top things we could think to make a perfect baby. I guess our over exuberance was a combination of waiting until we were older to have a baby and then having to work so hard at it. Anyway in all of our excitement we started searching for books that were relevant to our beginning family and ended up disappointed by the limited supply available. Over the years that has changed, our son is six now and the selection offered has grown and now we have a mini-library full of fun books pertinent to our family and lives.

We know we are a minority and that most kids have a mom and a dad, but for little guys like our son we thought wouldn’t it be grand if there were something more available to them. Something like a cartoon... read more

New to the website:

    • Buddy G jigsaw puzzles/coloring pages for the kids, plus kids video picks.
    • Video pick and blog picks for the parents.
    • A clip from the first episode of Buddy G and the show open/theme song.


Special Research Project
SCSU, Minnesota
Professor Vertna Bradley
Department of Mass Communications, Stewart Hall 127

Hi, my name is Vertna Bradley, and I'm a professor at SCSU in Minnesota. I'm working on a documentary project about people's first Pride parade experiences. I'm looking for people willing to share their first stories for this project. I'm looking for all ages, gay, straight, bi, female, male, or transgendered.

People will NOT be identified on camera, only their voices will be used. People will appear in the credits ONLY if they give me permission to use their names. It will only take about five minutes to participate in this. Please contact me via email if you would like more information. To participate, please do the following:

What I've been doing to help me manage the stories better is having people do that don't live in the Twin Cities call the number I have set up and leave a voice mail. I'm also looking for any footage you may have that you want to contribute to the documentary.

I am taking responses through a voicemail that can record messages at any time. The number is 952-854-4707.

Here is what I need you to do:

    1. Say and spell your name if you would like it listed in the credits.
    2. Say that you give me permission to use your voice in my project.
    3. Speak CLEARLY and talk about your first Pride and /or Pride Parade experience. What do you remember most about it? What did you see?
      How did you feel?
    4. Do you think it is important to have Pride celebrations? Why or why not?

If you have anything else to add you can do so at that time. If you have other people that want to participate, please pass this information along and tell them to call and leave a message. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Thanks again for your help with my project!

Together We Can Make It Happen!
Donate Button
Your Donations Help Make Pride Possible. Please Donte Now.


Come join the fun.  Make new friends. Be a part of the Seattle Pride Team.  It's a big, gay adventure!

Sign up today!



We want to know if you have a pride event happening.
Or any other event that would benefit the GLBT community. Please email your event information, website link, etc. to info@seattlepride.org

Saturday, January 19
Care to Shop
Website: Event information can be found at Life Long AIDS alliance website.

Sunday, January 20
Community Meeting
We would like to hear from you, let us know if their are any topics you wish to have discussed. The deadline is the 15th of January, simply send your questions to us in an email.

Tuesday, January 22

The Safe Schools Coalition
Website:Event information can be found at the official website.

Wednesday, February 21
AIDS Action & Awareness Day
Website: Event information can be found at Life Long AIDS alliance website.

Saturday, March 1
Black Tie Bingo
Website: Event information can be found at Life Long AIDS alliance website.

Thursday, April 26

Dining Out For Life
Event information can be found at Life Long AIDS alliance website.

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